Publish Settings

Saving your event changes and managing event visibility.

Good to know: The publish settings are how you save the changes to your event and also control the visibility settings for your event.

Are you still working on your event and not ready to publish it to everyone? Keep the publish event toggle red so it stays in view-only mode and is not available to view outside of your account.

The following controls and modes are available to you within the publish settings.

  • Draft mode - Default state if the event is not published

    • The "publish event" toggle is left red

  • Published Event - When "publish event" is toggled green, the event is publicly available to everyone

  • Archive event - The event is not available publicly but data and event settings are saved

  • Highlight event - When an event is published and highlighted is toggled on. A highlighted tab and filter appear on your profile.

  • Password protection (Pro only) - When enabled, a shared password is requested. Any visitor that visits an event with password protection enabled will be prompted for a user name which is the event's name and the shared password set to that event.

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