Selling Event Tickets

How to sell event tickets through Move.

Good to know: Move allows you to fully control ticket proceeds. When setting up your seller settings, you're connected to Stripe our payment processor and a Stripe account is created on your behalf. When your attendee makes a purchase, fees are automatically extracted and your proceeds are deposited directly to your Stripe account. Stripe then deposits your balance to the connected debit card or bank card every three days. Read more on Stripe Connect terms and agreements.

Seller Settings

An individual, company, or organization represents a "seller" in Move. Move allows free bookings as well, but we see our creators as Merchants. Merchants who sell and organize experiences, moments, and unforgetful memories.

Rather you're promoting a concert, organizing a meet-up, or planning a corporate meetup. Move provides a flexible, all-in-one, solution to managing your event.

Set up payment

  • Visit the Seller Settings page. (, to set up payment routing to begin selling event tickets

  • Select the "enable payments" button

  • Complete the banking onboarding

  • Select the type of "entity". Are you selling tickets as an individual, non-profit, or company

  • Enter a phone number for a text confirmation. (This is to authenticate who is able to access your payment dashboard)

  • Email (This is auto-populated with the email associated with your Move account)

  • Verify details

    • Based on the type of entity you've selected. Move and Stripe will need to verify your details to set up your account to accept payment. Move allows you to set up and receive payment within 25+ countries.

  • Set up payouts

    • The last step is to provide a payment account for payouts. This can be done by providing a debit card or your bank's account and routing numbers.

Payment settings with Event Tickets

Within Move, each ticket is treated separately from any other. This is key to allowing Move to remain flexible to fit different types of event creators. Within each ticket you create for an event, you set up if the ticket is paid or free, the main currency the ticket should display in, and if you want to absorb fees or pass fees to customers, + more.

When you save your event, the ticket settings you've inputted are also saved.

When your event is live, and attendees are purchasing event tickets. The ticket price and the currency you've inputted will reflect as the purchase price for one quantity of the ticket.

When you pass fees, Move's processing fees and Stripe's fees are auto-calculated and added on top of the customer's final checkout price.

When a transaction is made, no matter the currency, when delivered to your account it's converted and processed to your bank in its main currency.

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