Public Profile

Move provides you with an elegant, minimalistic, profile is generated for you automatically.

Edit your profile

Your Move profile allows you to have a public home to display all of your active events. You can display a single location if your events are housed at a single location. You can also display links to social media, your website, and more.

  1. Open your Move Dashboard

  2. Visit your profile by selecting the profile button in the nav bar or by selecting the profile button on the sidebar on the home dashboard.

  3. Make changes to your Location, Social links, and other profile settings as needed.

  4. (Optional) upload a custom favicon by clicking Upload and selecting an image.

  5. Click save

  6. You're done!


Your move can be accessed publicly by visiting

Your Move profile allows you to have the following

  • Fully responsive landing page to house your events

  • Display website link

  • Display social media accounts

  • Display bio

  • Display location

  • Display upcoming and past events

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