Event Tickets

Create and managing tickets

Good to know: Within Move, each ticket is treated separately from any other. This is key to allowing Move to remain flexible to fit different types of event creators. Within each ticket you create for an event, you set up if the ticket is paid or free, the main currency the ticket should display in, and if you want to absorb fees or pass fees to customers, + more.

Creating and managing tickets

Each ticket represents a ticket type. This allows us to serve a multitude of events that need many pricing tiers. Tickets can be either free or paid and contain flexible settings.


When creating and editing tickets. Once ready to save your tickets, navigate to the publish settings section and save the entire event.

Ticket Fields

The following details are required to create a ticket

  • Ticket Name - Name of ticket type. (Ex. General Admission, VIP seating)

  • Available Quantity - Amount of total tickets for sale

  • Availability start and end - Ticket availability dates. Tickets can't be reserved unless the current time is between these values.

  • Price - Ticket price if the ticket is not free

  • Publish ticket - Ticket is done, and publicly available

  • Free ticket - Ticket accepts free reservations, no payment is required

  • Pass fees - Pass Move's payment processing fees to customers to receive flat payments

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