Connecting with Stripe

If you already have a Stripe account or want to use a new Stripe account with Move, the instructions below will assist.

Connecting your stripe account

"I already have a Stripe account, what do I do? How do I connect it?"

If you already have a stripe account, it's no need to go through the full onboarding steps that are shown when you click "enable payments" within the seller settings of Move.

You can connect an already created Stripe by completing the following.

  1. Visit the "Seller Settings" page within Move,, and select "Enable Payments".

  2. If the email connected to your Move account is different than the email connected to your stripe account, change the email shown on the "Get Paid by Move" screen, to the email connected to your current Stripe account. (Move pre-populates the email field with the email connected to your Move account, to change it simply delete the value.)

  3. Once you've entered the email address connected to your Stripe account select continue.

  4. If the email you entered is connected to a current Stripe account, Stripe will prompt you to log in.

Move creates Stripe Express accounts on behalf of users for quicker onboarding. If you already have a Stripe account, a Stripe Express account may still be created although you're using an established Stripe Account. Express accounts are a hybrid option that allows platform owners to customize some aspects while Stripe takes care of onboarding, verification, and account management. This means sales and reporting will display in your main dashboard and a Stripe express account dashboard that can be accessed through your Move account. Both use the same email address. According to Stripe, this is normal, and a non-issue.

Change the Stripe account, connected to my Move account

If you've completed Move's onboarding steps and realized it created a new Stripe account when you already have one or you want to connect a different Stripe account the instructions below can help!

  1. If you want to remove the current Stripe account connected to your account. Simply visit the "Seller Settings" page within Move,, and select "reset payment settings"

This clears the account keys and Stripe settings that are connected to your Move account.

If you need to delete the Stripe Express account previously connected to your Move account. Email and we'll guide you through the process and work with Stripe.

2. After you've reset your payment settings, visit the "Seller Settings" page once again and select enable payments.

3. Now you're able to complete the Move onboarding steps from scratch. If you would like to connect an established Stripe account follow the steps outlined in Connecting your stripe account.

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